Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don Paterson

Don Paterson is a Scottish poet. I find his output a bit uneven, but he is capable of scribing fine poems. His most appealing work is a book called The Eyes that consists of very loose, homage-esque (rather than literal and faithful) translations of Antonio Machado.

This is a simple, wistful poem from that volume that I have often read myself before going to bed.


Perhaps when we’re half asleep,
the same hand that sows the stars
trails across that galactic lyre …
the dying wave reaching our lips
    as two or three true words.

The Eyes is no longer in print, but much of it is included in his New and Selected Poetry.

Don Paterson on Wikipedia


  1. Grazie cara, Nota Preso ho

  2. That is such a lovely piece on a gray monday... would that inspiration were so simple.

  3. I know the feeling. :p Glad you enjoyed it.